I consider myself a late bloomer when appreciating rock music.  Up to my teens, I only liked pop and dance tunes.  When I entered the music industry, it broadened my apprecation for all genres of music.

A friend of mine knew their music inside out and grew up to their tunes.  Her appreciation for The Dawn exposed me to their songs and made me appreciate their music too.

The release of their Greatest hits album was a compilation of their best singles.  I finally got hold of a copy of these hit songs even if they were released and popularized more than a decade ago.  

I didn't really know about The Dawn during their infancy in the music industry, so I only know the current line-up.  Regardless, I grew fond of their music, especially tunes like "Love Will Set Us Free", "Iisang Bangka Tayo", "Enveloped Ideas" and their national anthem "Salamat".

Now they're releasing a new album entitled "The Later Half of Day" with a more laid-back tone and rest from the high-energy rock they're known for.

Here's a cut from their album which is a revival from The Police -  "Message In A Bottle".

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Louie Heredia is one of the popular OPM artists of the '80's.   He didn't jive with the Bagets movement.  Instead, he was a crooner of his time.   His strength was being a balladeer.  With hits such as "Can Find No Reason", "Nag-iisang Ikaw", "Iisang Damdamin", "O Giliw Ko" to name a few, Louie has serenaded that generation with memories of great ballads.  

Just this year, Louie, together with other 80's pop sensations Raymond Lauchengco, Randy Santiago and Gino Padilla released an album entitled "Greatest Hits of the 80's"
and held a concert bringing back all their nostalgic hits.

Here is one of my favorite Louie Heredia songs, entitled "Can Find No Reason".  

This proves that anyone can learn Filipino and sing it too.

The guy's rendition of the popular Parokya ni Edgar hit "Buloy" is one song I never perceived a foreigner to sing.  But he gives a pretty impressive rendition of the song.

and in now way is he "bulol".

Check it out !

Billy Crawford was born in the States but grew up in the Philippines.  He was discovered by German Moreno and joined the teen show That's Entertainment being the youngest member of the show.  Back then, he was more popularly known as Billy Joe Crawford.

It's that this show where he honed his skills in hosting, singing and dancing.  A few years later, he moved to the States and released an album.  One of his most popular songs, Trackin' did receive much airplay and popularity in the East Coast area.    Despite his talent, he was a struggling artist in the States competing with several other music acts.  

He was then offered hosting duties in Europe where his songs also reached popular status. 

Endemol offered Billy to host the Philippine franchise of Star Academy, named Pinoy Dream Academy, a reality TV show geared towards discovering music talents from thousands of applicants and developing the selected few inside an academy.    Billy grabbed the chance to host this for this also meant that he could stay in the Philippines for the duration of his contract.   It was a successful run and Billy did enjoy it.

Billy is a great singer and dancer.  It's evident that Michael Jackson is one of his idols as he practiced dancing Michael Jackson's dancesteps as early as a kid.  Here is Billy singing and dancing to a medley of Michael Jackson songs during one of his concerts.

Charice finally got her wish and fulfilled one of her biggest dreams when she was asked by Celine Dion herself during a recent show of Oprah to sing with her in Madison Square Garden during her concert.   And last September 15, 2008, Charice got to do that by singing Celine's classic hit "Because You Loved Me".  Her voice and skill is superb and flawless in this song. You could see Celine's reactions being very impressed and delighted with Charice.  Celine even jokingly asked Charice if she would invite the singing diva if she'd ever have a concert in Madison Square Garden.

Cogratulations to Charice for bringing pride to the Filipino talent !

While everyone I know was rooting, cheering and texting for Bugoy and Liezel, I was surprised that Laarni won.  I guess musicality-wise, those were the top 2 on my list as well.  Liezel was also a constant Star of the Night during Gala nights.  And Bugoy just had the originality I saw and heard when I picked David Cook of American Idol to become the winner early on.

Text votes really don't measure who's best.  They measure how many people can vote for the scholars.  It doesn't even equate to a one is to one ratio.  One person could vote for 1,000 times for a single scholar as long as that person had the load to pay for each SMS message.

Based on their finale's performances, a personal hands down to Bugoy for singing "Ligaya" and "Climb Every Mountain".

But all is said and done.  What I wish to see is Liezel and Bugoy shine in life after PDA.  I hope they release hit-charter original songs.

Congratulations to all the winners !

I know Sharon Cuneta is a popular movie star and television host.  I knew she also he has a successful musical career.  I just didn't actively follow Sharon to the extend of knowing more about her music.

Much of the movies I know of Sharon are also the titles of the songs she popularized like "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas" and "Bituin Walang Ningning".

So it was a nice surprise for me to listen to a couple of her songs when I bought a Viva Anniversary Celebration double disc which had 5 Sharon Cuneta songs.

I'm pretty much familiar with the songs I mentioned ealier.  However, I especially enjoyed the original version of "Pangarap Na Bituin".   This song was revived by artists like Faith Cuneta and Regine Velasquez. A telenovela starring Sarah Geronimo also heavily used the song as their show's theme.

Even if the lyrics use very deep Filipino language, it sounds very pleasant to the ear.

Unti-unting mararating
Kalangitan at bituin
Unti-unting kinabukasan ko’y magniningning
Hawak ngayo’y tibay ng damdamin
Bukas naman sa ‘king paggising
Kapiling ko’y pangarap na bituin

The video plays the two versions of Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez interchangeably and as a duet in the end.

This is a new song collaboration between Artstrong, D-Coy and Luke Mejares.

The song entitled "Walang Katulad ' To" is a smooth R&B/rap song with a cathcy chorus "Wala ka nang ibang mahanap na katulad ko".

The video is directed by Vibestation's Boom Dayupay for his own production outfit Boomroom Films and was shot in Angeles, Pampanga and Lewisgrand Hotel.   They also used some cool lowriders provided by Joker of Southside Customs.  

If you take a closer look at the cast and crew of the music video, some members of the group Beatmathics make a cameo.


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This is one of those songs that was popularized by the movie "Bagets", starring William Martinez, Herbert Bautista, JC Bonnin, Raymond Lauchengco and Aga Mulach, who were all teen idols during that time.   Aside from them gaining much popularity and elevating them in the celebrity limelight, one person who also gained popularity with them indirectly was Gary V.  It was Gary V. who sang the theme song "Growing Up".

I also remember the lyrics of this song jokingly being critized by my friends for having a somewhat weird grammatical stucture.  The first two lines of the chorus go like this:

"I’m growing up, getting down
Putting my both feet on the ground"

Putting my both feet ?  It's like saying "I'm going to use my both hands".  LOL!
Putting both of my feet sounds much better, but of course, melody-wise doesn't have the same oomph. 

Nevertheless, the song is still an 80's  classic.

PS:  I wish I had the cuteness of Aga during his teen years. Kainggit !

I remember in the early '90's, there were 3 main artists who dominated the Philippine rap scene, FrancisM, Andrew E and Mastaplann. Of the three, only Mastaplann was a group. Aside from Tracer and Type, they had DJ's within the group, namely DJ Ouch, DJ Sonny and the now popular DJ MOD. That was the time when DJ MOD, was more popularly known by the acronym's meaning "Master Of Disaster".

This is the first song out of Mastaplann's debut album that became so popular in the local rap circuit. Their rap skills are far out for their time.

Here's Bring Dat Booty by Mastaplann.

Bring dat booty over here (over here!)

I just came from the Eraserheads concert last night. I've attended lots of concerts in the past and I have to say that this is one of those that makes your tremble with excitement. The concert countdown which started with a 10 minute timer on the huge LCD display as backdrop on centerstage really helped in hyping up the crowd. As the timer counted the last 10 seconds, everybody was counting in anticipation. A collage of pictures from various Erasherheads memorabilia and events were blasted on screen one by one and slowy speeding up till the last part showing the letter "E" then spells out "Eraserheads".

You could hear the intro to "Alapaap" being played while each member was being elevated to the stage on a movable hydraulic base. It was so surreal. Then the first voice of Ely brought sheers and screams as the crowd missed Ely's voice singing an Eraserheads song. The excitement was at an all-time high for everybody and everybody truly enjoyed finally seeing the Eraserheads together again even if it was to be for one night only. Then pyrotechnics were lit during the last chorus of the song and ended with a fireworks bang. Good ol' original music blended with new technology raised the performance to new heights.

I never saw them perform live before they disbanded so this was also a first for me.

I won't go into detail for the rest of the concert but I'll mention some thoughts I did ponder on:

1. If (and only if) the Eraserheads would reform and release a new album of totally new original songs, I'd say Bamboo's reign as one of the top bands might make a run for it.

2. Their lyrics are so simple that you may even ask yourself "why didn't I think of that ?" It's so each to follow and sing. Well, the melody together with the lyrics is what makes the Eraserheads songs great.

3. Each member grew and honed their music skills after the disbanding. Even if it's the same Eraserheads songs they performed, it seems like the sound is much much more wholistic and engulfing. I couldn't think of anyone to make their song sound better than themselves.

4. They are legendary. nuff said. "Shake yer head and walk away"

Years after this '90's band marked their place in Philippine Music as one of the most popular and successful bands, they are once again reuniting for a one-night only concert.

And the impact has been huge.
Aside from the generation which loved the music of the Eraserheads during their day, a new generation has emerged wanting to see the actual group perform. This is a generation of teens who know the Eraserheads songs through revivals from their favorite artists, from radio and TV who regularly still play and broadcast their songs and those who discover their music via friends and the internet.

It is such a huge phenomenon that this one-night only concert alone will be one of the most celebrated reunions ever.

To the Eraserheads, keep on playin' !

It ain't over till Ang Huling El Bimbo.

Jay R renders a heartwarming rendition of the Stylistics classic "You Make Me Feel Brand New".

I can go on the entire day just listening to this song. Here's a sample:

You Make Me Feel Brand New - Jay-R

This is one of the songs in Jay R's 18 track album entitled "Soul In Love".
If you like the song, you can check the album out at

God bless you
You make me feel brand new
For God bless me with you
You make me feel brand new
I sing this song cause you
Make me feel brand new

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