While everyone I know was rooting, cheering and texting for Bugoy and Liezel, I was surprised that Laarni won.  I guess musicality-wise, those were the top 2 on my list as well.  Liezel was also a constant Star of the Night during Gala nights.  And Bugoy just had the originality I saw and heard when I picked David Cook of American Idol to become the winner early on.

Text votes really don't measure who's best.  They measure how many people can vote for the scholars.  It doesn't even equate to a one is to one ratio.  One person could vote for 1,000 times for a single scholar as long as that person had the load to pay for each SMS message.

Based on their finale's performances, a personal hands down to Bugoy for singing "Ligaya" and "Climb Every Mountain".

But all is said and done.  What I wish to see is Liezel and Bugoy shine in life after PDA.  I hope they release hit-charter original songs.

Congratulations to all the winners !


  1. Aileen Apolo // September 14, 2008 at 6:45 PM  

    I love Bugoy! I was quite sad he didn't win coz I voted for him! I will definitely buy his CD once he has one.