Happy Happy Vega

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This is the Yamaha Motors newest commercial jingle sung and performed by multiple Michael V's in different characters. It's catchy and enough to be your next LSS (Last Song Syndrome) song. Are you happy ???

Election Jingles

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2010 is Election year in the Philippines and the campaigning has begun. One of the most evident forms of campaigning has been through their self-promotional jingles. Whether on radio, TV or the internet, these jingles hope to capture the voting public.

When making a jingle for a candidate, the jingle has to have a catchy tune and easy lyrics to memorize. It's a make or break for the candidate as a lousy jingle could make or break his or her potential to be remembered come election time. Of course, ones candidacy song shouldn't be any basis whatsoever for voting... but it does help you remember who they are if you remember their jingle.

And with this batch of presidential candidates, I've heard most of their jingles and I personally have to say that only 2 of them stand out. They contain the elements of a good jingle: easy to sing, easy to memorize, carries a catchy melody, has the candidate's name included in the lyrics, and is infectous leaving you with the LSS (Last Song Syndrome) effect.

The 1st jingle belongs to Manny Villar. Throughout the jingle, children are singing the song which makes it easy to sing along since you don't need to be at par with a professional singer. The song starts slow and the lyrics are easy and clear to listen to so the message is well heard and delivered. The music video also ads to the jingle's emphasis with less fortunate children singing the jingle in their environment and depicting their way of life. The jingle ends with Manny's full name being sung (as the answer to the country's poverty).

The 2nd catchy political jingle belongs to Eddie Villanueva. In contrast to Villar's jingle, this one is hip and upbeat. The danceable jingle has the qualities of a mainstream pop song which makes it a memorable one. The catchy part of the song is the chorus whose answer to all the questions posed in the song is "Eh di ako" which is a witty remark pertaining also to the candidate's name "Eddie". Award winning Pinoy rapper Gloc-9 adds oomph to the beat as well as the people dancing shown on the music video.

Check out their videos and see if you find it catchy.
Note: In no way is this blog endorsing any particular candidate. We are merely talking about their ad jingles.