I consider myself a late bloomer when appreciating rock music.  Up to my teens, I only liked pop and dance tunes.  When I entered the music industry, it broadened my apprecation for all genres of music.

A friend of mine knew their music inside out and grew up to their tunes.  Her appreciation for The Dawn exposed me to their songs and made me appreciate their music too.

The release of their Greatest hits album was a compilation of their best singles.  I finally got hold of a copy of these hit songs even if they were released and popularized more than a decade ago.  

I didn't really know about The Dawn during their infancy in the music industry, so I only know the current line-up.  Regardless, I grew fond of their music, especially tunes like "Love Will Set Us Free", "Iisang Bangka Tayo", "Enveloped Ideas" and their national anthem "Salamat".

Now they're releasing a new album entitled "The Later Half of Day" with a more laid-back tone and rest from the high-energy rock they're known for.

Here's a cut from their album which is a revival from The Police -  "Message In A Bottle".

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  1. sha // November 23, 2008 at 5:20 PM  

    As for me, I have never really saw them perform live. I knew about them during the 90's when I was already starting to appreciate Pinoy Rock. I bought their album ( tape pa nun!), the one that has "Talaga Naman" ( I forgot the title of the album shux).

    I am just curious on how buddy zabala contributed to the dawn. from what i know, buddy has been a jazz enthusiast so probably the sound of the new album "The Later Half of Day" is influenced by Buddy Zabala. I heard some of the tracks here such as 'Message in a Bottle' and 'In Between Days' of the Cure. They were awesome. But, I still love to hear them loud hehe nevertheless I support the Dawn's new "genre".