Billy Crawford was born in the States but grew up in the Philippines.  He was discovered by German Moreno and joined the teen show That's Entertainment being the youngest member of the show.  Back then, he was more popularly known as Billy Joe Crawford.

It's that this show where he honed his skills in hosting, singing and dancing.  A few years later, he moved to the States and released an album.  One of his most popular songs, Trackin' did receive much airplay and popularity in the East Coast area.    Despite his talent, he was a struggling artist in the States competing with several other music acts.  

He was then offered hosting duties in Europe where his songs also reached popular status. 

Endemol offered Billy to host the Philippine franchise of Star Academy, named Pinoy Dream Academy, a reality TV show geared towards discovering music talents from thousands of applicants and developing the selected few inside an academy.    Billy grabbed the chance to host this for this also meant that he could stay in the Philippines for the duration of his contract.   It was a successful run and Billy did enjoy it.

Billy is a great singer and dancer.  It's evident that Michael Jackson is one of his idols as he practiced dancing Michael Jackson's dancesteps as early as a kid.  Here is Billy singing and dancing to a medley of Michael Jackson songs during one of his concerts.