I just came from the Eraserheads concert last night. I've attended lots of concerts in the past and I have to say that this is one of those that makes your tremble with excitement. The concert countdown which started with a 10 minute timer on the huge LCD display as backdrop on centerstage really helped in hyping up the crowd. As the timer counted the last 10 seconds, everybody was counting in anticipation. A collage of pictures from various Erasherheads memorabilia and events were blasted on screen one by one and slowy speeding up till the last part showing the letter "E" then spells out "Eraserheads".

You could hear the intro to "Alapaap" being played while each member was being elevated to the stage on a movable hydraulic base. It was so surreal. Then the first voice of Ely brought sheers and screams as the crowd missed Ely's voice singing an Eraserheads song. The excitement was at an all-time high for everybody and everybody truly enjoyed finally seeing the Eraserheads together again even if it was to be for one night only. Then pyrotechnics were lit during the last chorus of the song and ended with a fireworks bang. Good ol' original music blended with new technology raised the performance to new heights.

I never saw them perform live before they disbanded so this was also a first for me.

I won't go into detail for the rest of the concert but I'll mention some thoughts I did ponder on:

1. If (and only if) the Eraserheads would reform and release a new album of totally new original songs, I'd say Bamboo's reign as one of the top bands might make a run for it.

2. Their lyrics are so simple that you may even ask yourself "why didn't I think of that ?" It's so each to follow and sing. Well, the melody together with the lyrics is what makes the Eraserheads songs great.

3. Each member grew and honed their music skills after the disbanding. Even if it's the same Eraserheads songs they performed, it seems like the sound is much much more wholistic and engulfing. I couldn't think of anyone to make their song sound better than themselves.

4. They are legendary. nuff said. "Shake yer head and walk away"