Tayong Dalawa

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I'm hooked to watching the telenovela "Tayong Dalawa" on ABS-CBN.   I'm not really a fan of Gerard Anderson and Kim Chiu.  But I love the story and plot because it's not predictable.  The more twists and turns there are, the better it gets.

The soundtrack of the telenovela is also the title of the song performed by Gary Valenciano.  This is the first time I've heard the song so I have no idea if it's an original or remake.

However, I got hold of a link to another version by Rey Valera.  I have reason to believe that this is the original.  I can't confirm but I have a feeling it is.

Nevertheless, it's a great song.  Aside from the catchy yet simple melody, listen to the lyrics to find out.

Tayong Dalawa - Rey Valera